Orlis is a tool for (o)bfuscation-(r)esilient detection of third-party (l)ibraries in Android apps, using (i)nterprocedural code features and (s)imilarity digests. The related Orcis tool can be used for (o)bfuscation-(r)esilient detection of app (c)lones. The library detection tool is in the folder ‘orlis’, while the app clone detection tool is in the folder ‘orcis’.

Detailed usage instructions for both tools can be found in the ‘README.md’ files in their corresponding directories.

Orlis is described in the paper “Orlis: Obfuscation-Resilient Library Detection for Android” by Yan Wang, Haowei Wu, Hailong Zhang, and Atanas Rountev, which appeared at the IEEE/ACM International Conference on Mobile Software Engineering and Systems (MOBILESoft’18) [PDF] [BibTeX]. Orcis is described in Yan Wang’s Ph.D. dissertation [PDF] [BibTeX].